"I'd encourage anyone in the midst of purchasing a home to utilize AJB Home Inspections.  The inspector was professional and highly knowledgeable, proven by the thorough and organized inspection report provided to me.  They were also flexible with scheduling when given a short lead time.  Ultimately, their high service quality made me more comfortable in my home purchase."
R. Nahon, Homeowner

"I've used the services of AJB Home Inspections many times, and have been impressed by the knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail provided by Ariez Bharucha - and, more importantly, so have my clients.  Additionally, Ariez does an excellent job communicating issues of concern to my clients, and also proactively describing options for corrections.  It's essential for my buyer-clients to be fully educated about any property they are considering for purchase, and I believe Ariez goes above and beyond in providing this richly detailed education - I highly recommend the services of AJB Home Inspections to any homebuyer or buyer's agent looking for exceptional inspection services."
C. Tilley, CRS, Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

"Ariez personally handled a home inspection for a house I'm purchasing in Redmond and he did a very thorough job and I trust his expertise completely. While interacting with him several times during the inspection, I got the impression he really knows his stuff: from the innards of a water heater to proper attic ventilation and how to guage the remaining life of roofing materials, to name just a few. His experience as a construction consultant along with his experience as an inspector and re-inspector (he will come back to ensure a contractor fixed an issue to the customer's standards, for example) really make it easy to recommend him."
Charlie A., Homeowner

"Though fairly knowledgeable in the general realm of carpentry, construction and engineering, I wanted to ensure that the home I was interested in purchasing was up to code and worth the asking price. There was considerable stress and apprehension on my part during the process, and I wanted to get a fair and unbiased report on the condition of my to-be home.AJB's primary rep was not only extremely knowledgeable (in MANY more fields than you would expect from a top-notch home inspector), but was able to spot and report far more than I would have imagined even a good inspector to find. The level of detail in the report I received, was far better than any report I received for an investment home in the past, and I was extremely impressed overall by everything AJB had to offer (both on paper, and in conversation).Highly recommended if you want an accurate, fair priced, and thorough inspection of your home. I would recommend this to any current homeowner, simply for the piece of mind you will receive from knowing exactly whats going on - and (more importantly) what to look out for going forward with maintenance, remodel, or purchase."
Jason M., Homeowner